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Keeping your information safe is our top priority. We guard your data through the latest security measures including end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication and other security protocols.

Add Your Assets

Choose from mortgages, property, business, credit cards, savings, investments, shares, bonds and more. Start building your financial portfolio. It only takes a few clicks to get started > >

Add Crypto & Digital Art

Add everything from trust accounts, loans, life insurance, savings, art, classic cars, pensions, NFTs, Crypto and other digital assets. Build a complete picture of everything you own > >

View Your Assets

Get a complete financial view of all your assets. Once you added details into Auderli you can see your financial position and view where your money is.

See Your Liabilities

Add your liabilities into Auderli and see where you have room to move assets around. These can be credit cards, store cards, loans and other debt. Sign up today a start building your financial portfolio > >

Register And Share Your Will

Don't let your Will go missing. An original will, stored by a company or organisation, could be overlooked because executors and beneficiaries are unaware of its existence or location. Registering your will on Auderli will help ensure that final wishes are known.

Privacy Options Available

Want to share your Will with your family but maybe hide a couple of items? You can with our privacy options. Auderli's essential plans give you extra privacy features. You can still share assets but at the same time hide the asset value.

Add Approximate Values

To quickly build your financial portfolio you can add approximate values that can be edited at any time. Start adding as many assets as you like and see how Auderli works. Join for free > >

Add Percentage Share

Add the percentage share you own. Own more than one property? No problem. You can add as many as you like to your portfolio.

Add Files To Each Asset

Include Extra Files Store individual files associated with each asset and liability. Add agreements, deeds, statements, reports, certificates and more. Simply upload any files and store them securely in Auderli.

Upload & Store Securely

Upload files for each of your assets and store them securely in your account. You can add, edit and quickly retrieve those files anytime you need them.

Share Your Portfolio

Applying for a mortgage? Want a financial advisor to look at your assets? We've made it possible to securely share your portfolio with whomever you like. Wealth managers, financial advisors, spouses, accountants, friends and family.

Control Who Sees What

We've built Auderli so you can share your portfolio with someone with view-only access. You'll soon be able to choose who sees what based on different permissions.

Choose Your Relationship

Choose the relationship with who you share your portfolio and then control what data they see and who can make edits.

View Shared Profiles

View other portfolios that have been shared with you right inside your Auderli account.

Restrict Sharing Permissions

Control who can see, edit and add assets to your portfolio after you've shared it. Restrict what share what user can do within your account.

Collaborate With Others

Allow advisors, family or others to collaborate on your portfolio. They can add and edit your assets for you. This saves time for accountants, mortgage brokers and lawyers who are managing your portfolio.

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