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Laptop showing the Auderli portfolio screen

Do you have a mortgage, loans, savings, pensions? Get life's important files under one roof with Auderli. It's a doddle to use and totally secure. Put your mind at rest that everything is in order, with Auderli.

Phone showing the Auderli portfolio screen

The quick, simple, secure online life management app

Keep a record of life’s important things for yourself or for someone else

Auderli is an online life management tool that keeps track of everything you manage for you or someone else; bank accounts, pensions, mortgages, savings and lots more. It’s dead easy to upload everything and super smart, showing net worth at any given moment, helping you to plan better.

We pride ourselves on security

In fact, our security levels are higher than some international banks. Your information and files are stored safely, but you still make any changes through your providers directly. Auderli just gives you a better view of everything together.

Share safely with family, individuals and professionals

Sharing is our super power! Think of Auderli as your flexible filing cabinet. One that can be shared with a professional advisor so they can give better advice, or with a partner or those closest to you. A lifeline for them if ever you weren’t around.

Digital, dynamic and dead easy

Auderli is here to make your life easier. It’s a doddle to use, because Auderli does the hard bit for you. Breaking everything down into bite-size manageable chunks. Getting set up takes minutes, you’ll be up and away in minutes.

Remove the pressure of being ‘the only one who knows it all’

Having a plan and things in order is a good feeling. We know how hard it is to get things sorted sometimes but it really doesn’t have to be an uphill struggle anymore. By sharing Auderli you no longer need to worry about being the only person who knows where everything is. Auderli puts you in control and your mind at rest.

Honestly, there’s no feeling like it. Because life’s so much better when things are Auderli.

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My Dad died when he was in his 60s and I remember my Mum didn’t get access to some of his pensions. This really angered me as they had been married for 35 years yet for some reason, she wasn’t eligible. Had Auderli been around back then, I really think it would have fostered a financial planning conversation between them so they could have been aware of the limitations of those pensions and planned accordingly.
Gavin Dutton, Head of Operations at Auderli